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Steering Committee

About the steering committee

The Working Group and Activity co-ordinators, deputy co-ordinators, and the network co-ordinator form the Steering Committee. The steering committee is headed by the network co-ordinator or another Steering Committee member appointed by the network co-ordinator. The steering committee is responsible for

  • medium and long term strategical decisions of the network, the communication between the participants, the integration of the participants in the network, the transfer of knowledge between participants, and spreading excellence within the network,
  • the integration with the industry and standardisation bodies, the transfer of knowledge to industry, spreading excellence to the industry, awareness activities targeted at the European industry on the technologies investigated, developed and applied in the network,
  • the training and education of young scientists and industry persons working in or with the network.

Every year, the Steering Committee

  • approves (by a simple majority vote) schemes for resource allocation (to WG, activities, and participants) proposed by the Executive Committee in conformance with the consortium agreement,
  • decides (by a simple majority vote) on the WG and activity work plans and amendments to these work plans proposed by the WG and activity co-ordinators in conformance with the consortium agreement,
  • decides (by a simple majority vote) on admissions of new participants and expelling of participants proposed by the Executive Committee,
  • decides (by a simple majority vote) on proposal of the executive committee on establishing new WG or new network activities and on closing WG or network activities,
  • approves the activities of the Executive Committee during the former year.

The steering committee will report on integration issues and medium and long term strategical decisions to the advisory committee. So as to reduce travel time and costs, the steering committee communicates mostly using email, Web pages, and telephone. Steering committee meetings preferably take place during REWERSE (Spring or Summer) schools, conferences, and/or industry awareness event, so as to reduce travel. Steering committee (face-to-face or telephone) conferences are called by the executive committee. The steering committee conference will take place at least once a year. A much higher conference frequency, e.g. once a trimester or once month, is expected.

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