Dimitra Alexopoulou, Thomas Wächter, Laura Pickersgill, Cecilia Eyre, Michael Schroeder:
Terminologies for text-mining; an experiment in the lipoprotein metabolism domain.

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In: BMC Bioinformatics 9(Suppl 4) (S2), April 2008
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Background The engineering of ontologies, especially with a view to a text-mining use, is still a new research field. There does not yet exist a well-defined theory and technology for ontology construction. Many of the ontology design steps remain manual and are based on personal experience and intuition. However, there exist a few efforts on automatic construction of ontologies in the form of extracted lists of terms and relations between them. Results We share experience acquired during the manual development of a lipoprotein metabolism ontology (LMO) to be used for text-mining. We compare the manually created ontology terms with the automatically derived terminology from four different automatic term recognition (ATR) methods. The top 50 predicted terms contain up to 89% relevant terms. For the top 1000 terms the best method still generates 51% relevant terms. In a corpus of 3066 documents 53% of LMO terms are contained and 38% can be generated with one of the methods. Conclusions Given high precision, automatic methods can help decrease development time and provide significant support for the identification of domain-specific vocabulary. The coverage of the domain vocabulary depends strongly on the underlying documents. Ontology development for text mining should be performed in a semi-automatic way; taking ATR results as input and following the guidelines we described. Availability The TFIDF term recognition is available as Web Service, described at



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