Patrick Lambrix, He Tan:
Albert Burger, Duncan Davidson, Richard Baldock (editors):
Ontology Alignment and Merging.

Anatomy Ontologies for Bioinformatics: Principles and Practice, Computational Biology 6, 133-149, April 2008
© Springer

In recent years many biomedical ontologies, including anatomy ontologies, have been developed. Many of these ontologies contain overlapping information and often we would want to be able to use multiple ontologies. This requires finding the relationships between terms in the different ontologies, i.e. we need to align them. Sometimes we also want to merge ontologies into a new one. In this chapter we give an overview of current ontology alignment and merging systems. We focus on systems that compute similarities between terms in the different ontologies. We present a general framework for these kind of systems and discuss the existing strategies. We also present such a system (SAMBO) and discuss its use using anatomy ontologies. Further, we take a first step in dealing with the problem of using the best alignment algorithms for the ontologies we want to align. We present and illustrate the use of a framework and a tool (KitAMO) for comparative evaluation of ontology alignment strategies and their combinations.



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