Thomas Eiter, Giovambattista Ianni, Thomas Krennwallner, Roman Schindlauer:
Exploiting Conjunctive Queries in Description Logic Programs.

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In: Proceedings of 20th International Workshop on Description Logics (DL2007), Brixen-Bressanone, Italy (8th - 10th June 2007) 250, 259-266, June 2007
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We present cq-programs, which enhance nonmonotonic description logics (dl-) programs by conjunctive queries (CQ) and union of conjunctive queries (UCQ) over Description Logics knowledge bases, as well as disjunctive rules. dl-programs had been proposed as a powerful formalism for integrating nonmonotonic logic programming and DL-engines on a clear semantic basis. The new cq-programs have two advantages: First, they offer increased expressivity by allowing general (U)CQs in the body. And second, this combination of rules and ontologies gives rise to strategies for optimizing calls to the DL-reasoner, by exploiting (U)CQ facilities of the DL-reasoner. To this end, we discuss some equivalences which can be exploited for program rewriting. Experimental results for a cq-program prototype show that this can lead to significant performance improvements.



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