Nima Kaviani, Dragan Gašević, Marek Hatala, Gerd Wagner, Ty Mey Eap:
Exchanging Policies between Web Service Entities using Rule Languages.

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In: Proceedings of 2007 IEEE Congress on Services (SERVICES 2007), Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (9th - 13th July 2007), Organization: IEEE, 57-64, July 2007
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Web rule languages with the ability to cover various types of rules have been recently emerged to make interactions between web resources and broker agents possible. The chance of describing resources and users of a domain through the use of vocabularies is another feature of Web rule languages. Combination of these two properties makes Web rule languages an appropriate medium to make a hybrid model of representing both contexts and rules of a policy-aware system, such as a web service. In this paper, we describe how REWERSE Rule Markup Language (R2ML) can be employed to bridge between different policy languages using its rich set of rules, vocabulary, and built-in constructs. We show how the concepts of the KAoS and Rei policy languages can be transformed to R2ML and then from R2ML to the other policy languages. Following these mappings, we have implemented transformers, which enable us not only to share policies between KAoS and Rei, but also to transform policies onto other rule languages (e.g., F-Logic) for which transformations from/to R2ML are already developed.



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