Sergey Lukichev, Adrian Giurca, Mircea Diaconescu :
Empowering Moodle with Rules and Semantics.

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In: Proceedings of 3rd Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web (SFSW2007), Innsbruck, Austria (6th June 2007) 248, 108-112, June 2007
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This short paper describes preliminary ideas for empowering e-learning platform Moodle with rules and semantics. Many existing web applications already contain a lot of structured information, which is still not presented in machine-readable way. Extracting this information from an existing e-learning platform may give benefits to course tutors such as more control over course management, advanced reports and filters, reasoning over the course content. We describe how to represent the existing Moodle content in RDF and how to add rules on top of the RDF fact base. A semi-automatic method for rule mining and rule development is discussed.



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