José Júlio Alferes, Ricardo Amador:
r3: Towards a foundational ontology for reactive rules.

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In: Proceedings of 4th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2007), Innsbruck, Austria (3rd - 7th June 2007), June 2007

In this paper we present first results of the r3 project towards defining an (OWL-DL) foundational ontology for reactive rules, aiming at coping with language heterogeneity at the rule (component) level, following an ontology-based approach as proposed by our previous work. The current proposal is at a low (structural) abstraction level; the extension of this proposal towards characterizing higher abstraction level concepts, like domain/application specific languages (vs. algebraic and general-purpose languages) is also being considered. Although focusing on reactive rules, the r3 ontology defines a vocabulary that allows for the definition of rule (component) languages that can be extended to model other types of rules. We further complement this proposal with an example of how the r3 ontology might be used to provide additional semantic value to heterogeneous XML markups (viz. ECA-ML).



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