Sabrina Baselice, Piero A. Bonatti, Marco Faella:
On Interoperable Trust Negotiation Strategies.

In: Proceedings of
IEEE Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (Policy 2007), Bologna, Italy (13th - 15th June 2007), Organization: IEEE, 39-50, June 2007
© IEEE Computer Society

Among the many works on trust negotiation, only a few deal with negotiation strategies. These works are tailored to specific frameworks--so their results cannot be extended to competing approaches--and introduce assumptions that cannot be always guaranteed. In this paper we identify some guidelines for designing "good" (interoperable) trust negotiation strategies under a different set of assumptions, namely, a peer.s interest in making transactions succeed. Moreover, since our analysis is based on an abstract framework, the guidelines apply to a wide range of policy languages and negotiation frameworks.



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