Patrick Lambrix, He Tan:
A Tool for Evaluating Ontology Alignment Strategies.

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In: Journal on Data Semantics VIII, LNCS 4380, 182-202, March 2007
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Ontologies are an important technology for the Semantic Web. In different areas ontologies have already been developed and many of these ontologies contain overlapping information. Often we would therefore want to be able to use multiple ontologies. To obtain good results, we need to find the relationships between terms in the different ontologies, i.e. we need to align them. Currently, there exist a number of systems that support users in aligning ontologies, but not many comparative evaluations have been performed and there exists little support to perform such evaluations. However, the study of the properties, the evaluation and comparison of the alignment strategies and their combinations, would give us valuable insight in how the strategies could be used in the best way. In this paper we propose the KitAMO framework for comparative evaluation of ontology alignment strategies and their combinations and present our current implementation. We evaluate the implementation with respect to performance. We also illustrate how the system can be used to evaluate and compare alignment strategies and their combinations in terms of performance and quality of the proposed alignments. Further, we show how the results can be analyzed to obtain deeper insights into the properties of the strategies.



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