Yuping Yang, M. Howard Williams, Rob Pooley, Rick Dewar:
Context-Aware Personalization in Pervasive Communications.

In: Proceedings of
2006 IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE 2006), Shanghai, China (24th - 26th October 2006), Organization: IEEE, 663-669, October 2006
© IEEE Computer Society

This paper gives a brief overview of the Daidalos Personalization architecture, the aim of which is to improve user experience by personalizing services, including third-party services and Daidalos enabling services in pervasive computing environments. Personalization plays a paramount role in service composition, elucidation of user preferences and reservation of resources for users, where user privacy has been well considered. In this paper, we discuss how personalization is exploited and investigated to give a completely personalized service offering to a user at any time, any where.



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