Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Alberto Martelli, Viviana Patti:
Conformance and Interoperability in Open Environments.

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In: Proceedings of WOA 2006: Dagli oggetti agli agenti, Sistemi GRID, P2P e Self-* (WOA 2006), Catania,Italy (26th - 27th September 2006) 204, 151-157, September 2006
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An important issue, in open environments like the web, is guaranteeing the interoperability of a set of services. When the interaction scheme that the services should follow is given (e.g. as a choreography or as an interaction protocol), it becomes possible to verify, before the interaction takes place, if the interactive behavior of a service (e.g. a BPEL process specification) respects it. This verification is known as “conformance test”. Recently some attempts have been done for defining conformance tests w.r.t. a protocol but these approaches fail in capturing the very nature of interoperability, turning out to be too restrictive. In this work we give a representation of protocol, based on message exchange and on finite state automata, and we focus on those properties that are essential to the verification the interoperability of a set of services. In particular, we define a conformance test that can guarantee, a priori, the interoperability of a set of services by verifying properties of the single service against the protocol. This is particularly relevant in open environments, where services are identified and composed on demand and dynamically, and the system as a whole cannot be analyzed.



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