Uwe Assmann, Jendrik Johannes, Jakob Henriksson, Ilie Savga:
Composition of Rule Sets and Ontologies.

In: Proceedings of
Summer School Reasoning Web 2006, Lisbon, Portugal (4th - 8th September 2006), Organization: REWERSE, LNCS 4126, 68-92, September 2006
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To master large rule sets in ontologies and other logic-based specifications, the ability to divide them into components plays an important role. While a naive approach treats the rule sets as black boxes and composes them via combinators, the relationships between the components are usually so complicated that this black-box approach fails to be useful in many scenarios. Instead, the components should be opened before composition. The paper presents several such gray-box composition techniques, namely fragment-based genericity and extension, inline template expansions, semantic macros, and mixin layers. All approaches help to structure large ontologies and rule-based specifications into fine-grained components, from which they can be built up flexibly.



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