Thomas Eiter, Giovambattista Ianni, Roman Schindlauer, Hans Tompits:
A RuleML Syntax for Answer-Set Programming.

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In: Proceedings of International Workshop on Applications of Logic Programming in the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services (ALPSWS2006), Seattle, WA, USA (16th August 2006) 196, 107-108, August 2006
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The need for sharing knowledge on the Web - and in particular rules in a standardized format - is an important issue. RuleML [1] has been the most prominent effort in this direction so far. Nonetheless, it turns out that none of the variants available is suitable for expressing nonmonotonic logic programs as used in the answer-set programming (ASP) paradigm, in which the former are assigned with a declarative semantics, known as answer-set semantics or stable-model semantics [3]. ASP in general is an important declarative problem-solving paradigm, gaining increasing attention in the recent years (see, e.g., [4]). In this work, we present a new language variant in addition to the current RuleML proposal for expressing an ASP core language. Then we provide an extension to this core to accommodate different ASP dialects, substantially based on the notion of an oracle atom. Oracle atoms are rooted in the notion of an external atom [2]. A working translator from RuleML to ASP and vice versa is available. This way, RuleML specifications are made executable under the ASP semantics. The framework we present here is supposed to be a starting point that should encourage both the Semantic Web and the ASP community to discuss and achieve a comprehensive RuleML interchange format for the ASP semantics. It is work in progress which, as we believe, will attract other participants after initial dissemination.



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