Thomas Wächter, He Tan, Andre Wobst, Patrick Lambrix, Michael Schroeder:
A Corpus-Driven Approach for Design, Evolution and Alignment of Ontologies.

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In: Proceedings of Winter Simulation Conference (WSC 2006), Monterey, CA, USA (3rd - 6th December 2006), Organization: WSCF, 1595-1602, December 2006
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Bio-ontologies are hierarchical vocabularies, which are used to annotate other data sources such as sequence and structure databases. With the wide use of ontologies their integration, design, and evolution becomes an important problem. We show how textmining on relevant text corpora can be used to identify matching ontology terms of two separate ontologies and to propose new ontology terms for a given term. We evaluate these approaches on the GeneOntology.



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