Hans Jürgen Ohlbach:
GeTS - A Specification Language for Geo-Temporal Notions.

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In: Proceedings of 29th Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI2006), Bremen, Germany (14th - 19th June 2006), LNCS 4314, 214-228, June 2006
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This paper contains a brief overview of the `Geo-Temporal' specification language GeTS. The objects which can be described and manipulated with this language are time points, crisp and fuzzy time intervals and labelled partitionings of the time axis. The partitionings are used to represent periodic temporal notions like months, semesters etc. and also whole calendar systems. GeTS is essentially a typed functional language with a few imperative constructs and many built-ins. GeTS can be used to specify and compute with many different kinds of temporal notions, from simple arithmetic operations on time points up to complex fuzzy relations between fuzzy time intervals. A parser, a compiler and an abstract machine for GeTS is implemented.



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