Hans Eric Svensson, Artur Wilk:
XML Querying Using Ontological Information.

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In: Proceedings of 4th Workshop on Principles and Practice of Semantic Web Reasoning (PPSWR06), Budva, Montenegro (10th - 11th June 2006), Organization: REWERSE, LNCS 4187, 190-203, June 2006
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The paper addresses the problem of using semantic annotations in XML documents for better querying XML data. We assume that the annotations refer to an ontology defined in OWL (Web Ontology Language). The intention is then to combine syntactic querying techniques on XML documents with OWL ontology reasoning to filter out semantically irrelevant answers. The solution presented in this paper is an extension of the declarative rule-based XML query and transformation language Xcerpt. The extension allows to interface an ontology reasoner from Xcerpt rules. This makes it possible to use Xcerpt to filter extracted XML data using ontological information. Additionally it allows to retrieve ontological information by sending semantic queries to a reasoner. The prototype implementation uses DIG (Description Logic interface) for communication with the OWL reasoner RacerPro where the ontology queries are answered.



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