Piero A. Bonatti, Claudiu Duma, Norbert E. Fuchs, Wolfgang Nejdl, Daniel Olmedilla, Joachim Peer, Nahid Shahmehri:
Semantic Web Policies - A Discussion of Requirements and Research Issues.

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In: Proceedings of 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2006), Budva, Montenegro (11th - 14th June 2006), LNCS 4011, 712-724, June 2006
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Policies are pervasive in web applications. They play crucial roles in enhancing security, privacy and usability of distributed services. There has been extensive research in the area, including the Semantic Web community, but several aspects still exist that prevent policy frameworks from widespread adoption and real world application. This paper discusses important requirements and open research issues in this context, focusing on policies in general and their integration into trust management frameworks, as well as on approaches to increase system cooperation, usability and user-awareness of policy issues.



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