Simon Scerri, Charlie Abela, Matthew Montebello:
semantExplorer: A Semantic Web Browser.

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In: Proceedings of IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet 2005 (ICWI 2005), Lisbon, Portugal (19th - 22nd October 2005), Organization: IADIS 1, 35-42, 2005
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The Semantic Web (World Wide Web Consortium, 2001) will be the keystone in the creation of machine accessible domains of information scattered around the globe. All information on the World Wide Web will be semantically enhanced with metadata that makes sense to both human and intelligent information retrieval agents. It is therefore very important, for the success of the Semantic Web, that users are able to easily browse through such metadata. In line with such philosophy we are presenting semantExplorer, a Semantic Web Browser that provides browsing and visualization of different levels of metadata detail and allows for the integration of multiple information sources to provide a more complex and complete view of information about Web resources.



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