Hans Jürgen Ohlbach:
Computational Treatment of Temporal Notions - The CTTN-System.

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In: Proceedings of Third Workshop on Principles and Practice of Semantic Web Reasoning (PPSWR'05), Dagstuhl, Germany (11th - 16th September 2005), Organization: REWERSE, LNCS 3703, 133-144, September 2005
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The CTTN-system is a computer program which provides advanced processing or temporal notions. The basic data structures of the CTTN-system are time points, crisp and fuzzy time intervals, labelled partitionings of the time line, durations, and calendar systems. The labelled partitionings are used to model periodic temporal notions, quite regular ones like years, months etc., partially regular ones like timetables, but also very irregular ones like, for example, dates of a conference series. These data structures can be used in the temporal specication language GeTS (GeoTemporal Specications). GeTS is a functional speci cation and programming language with a number of built-in constructs for specifying customized temporal notions. CTTN is implemented as a Web server and as a C++ library. This paper gives a short overview over the current state of the system and its components.



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