Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Alberto Martelli, Viviana Mascardi, Viviana Patti, Claudio Schifanella, Laura Torasso:
Personalization, verification and conformance for logic-based communicating agents.

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In: Proceedings of WOA 2005 Simulazione e Analisi Formale di Sistemi Complessi (WOA 2005), Camerino, Italy (14th - 16th November 2005), 177-183, 2005
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This paper is an overview of the work that we have carried on in the last two years in the context of the MASSiVE project. The main research lines have concerned personalization of the interaction with web services, personalization of courseware, web services interoperability, and integrated environments for agent oriented software engineering. All of them can be seen as applications of different reasoning techniques to a declarative specification of interaction. A declarative specification makes the study of properties easy and allows a fast prototyping of applications. In particular, we applied reasoning about actions and change to the personalized selection and composition of web services and to the construction of courseware that satisfies the user.s needs and goals. This kind of reasoning has also been integrated in the DCaseLP MAS prototyping environment. Declarative specifications have also been helpful to face the problem of proving policy conformance in a way that guarantees web service interoperability. Finally, the adoption of process languages for web services for expressing the procedural behavior of adaptive BDI-style agents have been explored.



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