Matthew Montebello, Malcolm Attard:
The Domotic Network Portal.

In: Proceedings of
IADIS International Conference e-Society 2005 (eS2005), Qawra, Malta (27th - 30th June 2005), Organization: IADIS, 682-684, June 2005
© IADIS Press

With the giant steps in technology and the massive strides in hardware, software and communication it is not in the very distant future that complete households will be entirely networked as a de facto standard. The IT era is still taking society by surprise, sweeping users as well as developers off their legs as continuous innovation persistently opens up new opportunities and possibilities that are still in dire need of application. In this paper we will be discussing such issues together with a preview of how we see the future of the domotic network portal to evolve, in light of a number of projects and research we have implemented and conducted.



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