Piero A. Bonatti, Claudiu Duma, Daniel Olmedilla, Nahid Shahmehri:
An Integration of Reputation-based and Policy-based Trust Management.

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In: Proceedings of Semantic Web Policy Workshop (SWPW), Galway, Ireland (7th November 2005), November 2005

Trust management is currently being tackled from two different perspectives: a .strong and crisp. approach, where decisions are founded on logical rules and verifiable properties encoded in digital credentials, and a .soft and social. approach, based on reputation measures gathered and shared by a distributed community. We analyze the differences between the two models of trust and argue that an integrated approach would improve significantly trust management systems. We support our claim with real world scenarios and illustrate how the two models are integrated in PROTUNE, the core policy specification language of the network of excellence REWERSE.



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