Thomas Eiter, Giovambattista Ianni, Roman Schindlauer, Hans Tompits:
DLV-HEX: Dealing with Semantic Web under Answer-Set Programming.

Poster [
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In: Proceedings of 4th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2005), Galway, Ireland (6th - 10th November 2005), Organization: Digital Enterprise Research Institute, November 2005

We present an implementation of HEX programs, which are nonmonotonic logic programs admitting higher-order atoms as well as external atoms. Higher-order features are widely acknowledged as useful for various tasks, including meta-reasoning. Furthermore, the possibility to exchange knowledge with external sources in a fully declarative framework such as answer-set programming (ASP) is nowadays important, in particular in view of applications in the Semantic-Web area. Through external atoms, HEX programs can deal with external knowledge and reasoners of various nature, such as RDF datasets or description-logic knowledge bases.



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