Piero A. Bonatti:
Reasoning with infinite stable models.

Artificial Intelligence (Volume 156(1)), 75-111, 2004
© Elsevier

This paper illustrates extensively the theoretical properties, the implementation issues, and the programming style underlying finitary programs. They are a class of normal logic programs whose consequences under the stable model semantics can be effectively computed, despite the fact that finitary programs admit function symbols (hence infinite domains) and recursion. From a theoretical point of view, finitary programs are interesting because they enjoy properties that are extremely unusual for a nonmonotonic formalism, such as compactness. From the application point of view, the theory of finitary programs shows how the existing technology for answer set programming can be extended from problem solving below the second level of the polynomial hierarchy to all semidecidable problems. Moreover, finitary programs allow a more natural encoding of recursive data structures and may increase the performance of credulous reasoners.



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