Matthias Zschunke, Lars Ackermann, Michael R. Alvers, Liliana Barrio-Alvers, Matthias Leis, Jan Mönnich, Michael Schroeder:
Matthias Zschunke (editor):
Job search with GoPubMed.

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In: (A2-D9)

GoPubMed is a successful semantic web application in the life sciences. The goal of this deliverable is the application of the GoPubMed technology in the area of Job search, where a different ontology and document corpus are needed. We describe two approaches to job search with semantics: "Jobs for people" and "people for jobs". In the former prototype, we have built a job ontology comprising geographic information, terminology on skills and types of positions. As document corpus we have used job ads available from public web sites like Nature jobs. The second engine "people for jobs" aims to identify scientists matching a given job profile. To this end, we cluster 17.000.000 PubMed abstracts to identify several millions of author profiles. Using GoPubMed, authors are linked to their research area, co-authors are identified, the journals they pblish in and for internationally leading authors their field of leadership is listed. "People for jobs" is built into GoPubMed and freely available over the web at



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