Bill Andreopoulos, Gihan Dawelbait, Vasco Pedro, Matthias Reimann, Loïc Royer, Michael Schroeder:
Gihan Dawelbait, Loïc Royer (editors):
Reasoning over networks with BioRevise and PowerGraphs.

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In: (A2-D8)

The analysis of protein interactions is a fundamental application of bioinformatics. Previous deliverables discussed the BioCham pathway analysis engine developed in the Paris group, this deliverable introduces the BioRevise systems, which integrates a non-monotonic reasoning engine orginially developed in Lisbon with the application of reasoning over metabolic pathways. We discuss examples, modelling of the networks, reasoning, and the demonstrator. Complex networks such as the metabolic networks in BioRevise require sophisticated visualisation. We develop power graph analysis, which identifies modules in networks and visualises them in a compact fashion. The theoretical basis for power graphs are the identification of bicliques and cliques in graphs. Power graphs can be applied to any network including class dependencies and UML diagrams as discussed in groups I1 and I3. The deliverable introduces an algorithm and discusses a number of bioinformatics applications for power graphs.



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