Adrian Paschke, Michael Schroeder:
Michael Schroeder (editor):
Realistic information integration application.

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In: (I5-D8)

The goal of this deliverable is the development of applications in collaboration with Working Group A2 "Bioinformatics". Some such applications of reactive web frameworks and languages developed in I5 have been made. In particular, using the r3 framework we have developed two applications in close collaboration with A2 members: the B-Domain application and the PubMed Reactive Classifier. Other applications have been developed using the Prova inference service system. In this deliverable we concentrate on the description of the latter, with an application of Inductive Logic Programming features of Prova for bioinformatics, including integration of Prova with several external languages (Java, SQL, RDF/OWL, ...). The applications of r3 are detailed in other deliverables, together with the description of that framework.



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