José Júlio Alferes, Ricardo Amador, Erik Behrends, François Bry, Michael Eckert, Tiago Franco, Oliver Fritzen, Hendrik Grallert, Tobias Knabke, Ludwig Krippahl, Wolfgang May, Paula-Lavinia Pătrânjan, Franz Schenk, Daniel Schubert:
José Júlio Alferes (editor):
Completion of the prototype scenario.

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In: (I5-D7)

This report presents the refinements made in the prototypes described in the previous deliverable (deliverable I5-D5 - "A first prototype on evolution and behaviour at the XML level"), and their usage in use-case scenarios. In particular, the use-case scenarios have been chosen according to the sketch of use-cases designed in the deliverable I5-D2&3 - "Use-cases on evolution and reactivity". Besides this report, the deliverable consists also of the prototypes themselves, which are all freely available online from



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