Uwe Assmann, Sacha Berger, François Bry, Hatice Serap Durmaz, Tim Furche, Clemens Ley, Benedikt Linse, Jakob Henriksson, Jendrik Johannes, Sebastian Schaffert, Maximilian Scherr:
Tim Furche (editor):
Prototypical Implementation of Xcerpt: Xcerpt 1.0 Prototype and Beyond.

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In: (I4-D13)

Web query languages promise convenient and efficient access to Web data such as XML, RDF, or Topic Maps. Xcerpt is one such Web query language with strong emphasis on novel high-level constructs for effective and convenient query authoring, particularly tailored to versatile access to data in different Web formats such as XML or RDF. However, without an implementation all the convenience matters little. Therefore, this deliverable introduces prototypes, APIs, and Web services that are available to Xcerpt users now. It also discusses a few issues related to its implementation as well as an outlook towards Xcerpt 2.0, a re-engineering of Xcerpt that is still heavily under development, but expected to provide improved performance and coverage of the language speification. The first part of this deliverable details Xcerpt 1.0, the first prototype for Xcerpt. In particular, it contains the first published description of the Xcerpt API and its companion Web service available at The second part introduces revised principles of Xcerpt 2.0 as well as some language extensions not covered well in Xcerpt 1.0, viz. functions and modules, and their implementation



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