Tim Furche, Michael Brade, François Bry, Benedikt Linse, Andreas Schroeder:
Tim Furche (editor):
An AbstractMachine for Xcerpt’s Single-Rule Programs: Theory and Practice.

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In: (I4-D10)

Efficient evaluation of query languages has long been a core topic of database research. For Web query languages such as Xcerpt, however, many of the questions studied previously for traditional, centralized, relational databases and query languages have to be asked again and known answers affirmed, adapted, or entirely new answers developed. This deliverable presents in two parts some answers for efficient evaluation of Xcerpt, a novel rule-based, reasoning-aware query language for semi-structured data such as XML and RDF. These answers are focused on (a) an efficient data structures for Xcerpt’s simulation unification, (b) a preliminary algebra utilising this data structure, and (c) algebraic construction of semi-structured query results.



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