Sabrina Baselice, Piero A. Bonatti, Marco Faella:
Piero A. Bonatti (editor):
On Interoperable Trust Negotiation Strategies.

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In: (I2-D6-1)

Among the many works on trust negotiation, only a few deal with negotiation strategies. These works are tailored to specific frameworks - so their results cannot be extended to competing approaches - and introduce assumptions that cannot be always guaranteed, such as peer compliance with given rules, that are needed for interoperability. In this paper we identify some guidelines for designing "good" (interoperable) trust negotiation strategies for selfish agents under the assumption that peers are interested in making transactions succeed. Moreover, since our analysis is based on an abstract framework, the guidelines apply to a wide range of policy languages and negotiation frameworks, including Protune, PeerTrust, Trustbuilder, and the RT family. This report generalizes the theoretical framework introduced in deliverable I2-D6 and refines and extends its results. It has been published in the IEEE conference Policy 2007.



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