Jan Małuszyński, Jörg Diederich, José Júlio Alferes, Norbert Eisinger:
Jörg Diederich, José Júlio Alferes, Jan Małuszyński (editors):
The structure of the Semantic Web Topics: Progress Report and Applications.

Complete Text [
.pdf, 269KB]
In: (E-D11)

This document presents a revised proposal for structuring the body of knowledge in the field of Semantic Web and reports on its use. The presented taxonomy emerged from the analysis of existing courses and from discussions within REWERSE and within Knowledge Web. The taxonomy was already used to develop a joint curriculum for the European Academy for Semantic-Web Education. This Academy was initiated by Knowledge Web as an international joint masters program. This document reports on the courses offered within this program by the REWERSE participant Universidade Nova de Lisboa. It also reports on the use of the taxonomy for classification of e-learning resources in REASE (the repository of the European Association for Semantic Web Education).



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