Hans Jürgen Ohlbach:
Hans Jürgen Ohlbach (editor):
An International Appointment Scheduling System - Requirement Analysis.

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In: (A1-D8)

The REWERSE WG A1 is, among other things, concerned with the computational treatment of temporal notions (CTTN). In order to demonstrate that the developed methods and systems can solve nontrivial problems, it is planned to develop and implement a nontrivial application, an international appointment scheduling system. The scenario is that a number of people at different places in the world want to meet at some other place in the world. Every participant inserts his own constraints, and the system is supposed to find a solution which respects all constraints. The constraints should be as realistic as possible. The ideas presented in this document go beyond the original requirement. The proposed methods should be powerful enough to solve many constraints of different types for many time objects which can also be of different types. In particular, fuzzy constraints for fuzzy intervals should be allowed, and constraints can be associated with different degrees of strictness. The key idea for solving such heterogeneous constraints is to map the constraints to potential fields and to search a solution with minimal energy. Therefore the system will be called PoFiS (Potential Field Scheduling). In this document only the basic ideas and a general system design are presented. The technical details of the method will be presented in the follow-up deliverable A1-D9. The main purpose of this document is to convice the reader that the approach is very promising in dealing with heterogeneous and complex constraints and to clarify what kind of work has to be done in order to realise the ideas.



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