Sara Carro-Martínez, David de Francisco, Almudena Vicente:
Sara Carro-Martínez (editor):
Definition of a Learning Structure & Work-plan for the development of industrial modules.

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.pdf, 1.38MB]
In: (T-D7)

The objective of this deliverable is to provide an overall overview of the industrial learning structure. This learning structure is based on the curriculum developed for academics in the Education and Training activity of REWERSE. The industrial learning structure enhances it including a business approach category addressing industry needs. The learning structure will be used as a framework so as to develop the industrial training modules. The report also gives guidelines about courses patterns, formats, duration, etc. Moreover, the deliverable at hand states about the creation of a committee which will give support to TTA activities. Finally, a complete work-plan of the activities to be carried out by the TTA activity regarding the development of industrial training modules is included.



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