François Bry, Tim Furche, Liviu Badea, Christoph Koch, Sebastian Schaffert, Sacha Berger:
Tim Furche (editor):
Identification of Design Principles.

Complete Text [
.pdf, 2325KB]
In: (I4-D9b)

This report identifies those design principles for a (possibly new) query and transformation language for the Web supporting inference that are considered essential. Based upon these design principles an initial strawman is selected. Scenarios for querying the SemanticWeb illustrate the design principles and their reflection in the initial strawman, i.e., a first draft of the query language to be designed and implemented by the REWERSE working group I4. It is a revision of deliverable I4-D2 that presents in addition to the original content a renement of the ideas, that has been published as a journal article and is under consideration for a book chapter.



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