Piero A. Bonatti, Thomas Eiter, Marco Faella:
Piero A. Bonatti (editor):
Automated Negotiation Mechanisms.

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In: (I2-D6)

Before trust negotiation framework can be used in practice, researchers should give several kinds of guarantees including the following: . Are negotiations going to succeed when the policies in principle allow it? The answer is not trivial, because in some cases the policies are protected as sensitive resources, and this may prevent peers from explaining exactly what is needed to complete the negotiation. . Is it possible to minimize the sensitivity of disclosed information? When peers do not have a complete view of all the options, an optimal strategy might not exist. In this report we begin to study the impact of policy protection on negotiation success by using an abstract framework, covering a wide spectrum of strategies and criteria for terminating negotiations. Moreover, we start to study the problem of minimizing the sensitivity of the information disclosed during negotiations.



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