Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Piero A. Bonatti, Laura Giordano, Alberto Martelli, Viviana Patti, Claudio Schifanella:
Alberto Martelli (editor):
Negotiation Analysis and Design: Reasoning on Policies for Verifying Properties.

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In: (I2-D10)

The present report continues the work of deliverable I2-D2 [Bonatti and Olmedilla, 2005b] by presenting a series of reasoning techniques, that allow several kinds of verifications, such as compliance at run-time, verification of properties, goal achievement, capability checking, and interoperability. We will show how techniques, that are typically used in artificial intelligence, can be usefully adapted so to deal with policies on the web, improving the skill of negotiating of the involved entities. By reasoning on a policy before its adoption, an agent can customize it, refuse it if it does not allow the achievement of its own purposes, modify it to make it more profitable, avoid run-time errors.



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