Gerd Wagner, Adrian Giurca, Sergey Lukichev, Grigoris Antoniou, Carlos Viegas Damásio, Norbert E. Fuchs:
Gerd Wagner (editor):
Language Improvements and Extensions.

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In: (I1-D8)

Rules are becoming increasingly important in business modeling and requirements engineering, and as a high level programming paradigm. In the area of rule modeling there are different developer communities like UML modelers and ontology architects. The former use rules in business modeling and in software development, while the latter use rules in collaborative Web applications. Each of them is using different rule languages and tools. Since a real rule is the same rule no matter in which language it is formalized, it is important to support the capture of real (.computation-independent´) rules with the help of a platform-independent rule modeling language and the interchange of rules between different systems and tools with a platformindependent rule markup language. This report describes three research results achieved by the REWERSE working group I1: a visual rule modeling language, a verbalization approach, and an interchange format for rules integrating RuleML, SWRL and OCL.



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