Gihan Dawelbait, Andreas Doms, Patrick Lambrix, Loïc Royer, Michael Schroeder:
Gihan Dawelbait, Andreas Doms, Loïc Royer (editors):
Bioinformatics Demonstrators.

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In: (A2-D4)

This deliverable presents demostrators, which build upon the use cases specied in A2-D3 and which showcase bioinformatics applications using rules, reasoning and the web. GoProteins allows users to browse the GeneOntology and retrieve protein structure data from the web. It uses ontologies, deduction rules, reaction rules, databases and XML. Sambo integrates bio-ontologies such as the GeneOntology and Mesh. It deploys novel algorithms for concept mapping. BioRevise reasons over metabolic networks using techniques from belief revision. EarthFeed reads RSS feeds on the web, extracts locations and maps them onto a map of the world. The demonstrator uses XML and reactivity. GoPubMed allows users to explore PubMed search results with the GeneOntology. The demonstrators can be shown at the annual review meeting.



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