Sara Carro-Martínez, Almudena Vicente, Robert Baumgartner, Wolfgang May:
Sara Carro-Martínez (editor):
REWERSE industrial training modules: a preliminary list.

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In: (T-D5)

The objective of this deliverable is to develop a description of a set of modules on Semantic Web issues, prepared in T-D3 and adapted to industry audience needs. These modules aim at the creation of a infrastructure for industrial education on Semantic Web issues so as to spread REWERSE.s research results. To achieve this goal, these modules are envisaged to be presented at several institutions, among others the Semantic Web School in Austria. Apart from the main features of this set of modules to be developed by REWERSE participants, which will be listed in detail in T-D7, this deliverable will include a work-plan for their development.



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