José Júlio Alferes, Ricardo Amador, Erik Behrends, Mikael Berndtsson, François Bry, Gihan Dawelbait, Andreas Doms, Michael Eckert, Oliver Fritzen, Wolfgang May, Paula-Lavinia Pătrânjan, Loïc Royer, Franz Schenk, Michael Schroeder:
José Júlio Alferes, Wolfgang May (editors):
Specification of a Model, Language and Architecture for Reactivity and Evolution.

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In: (I5-D4)

After a brief introduction, this reports presents XChange, a declarative high-level language for programming reactive behavior, evolution, and distributed applications on the Web. This language description is accompanied by the corresponding declarative and operational semantics, and is illustrated in a selection of use-cases from our previous deliverable. The report then proceeds by proposing a general framework and architecture for dealing with the challenges posed by evolution and reactivity in the Semantic Web. The report also includes two appendices. One with a description of the reactive system ruleCore, which was developed in collaboration with industry, including the illustration of the system with the above mentioned use cases. The other appendix contains a description of the language Prova with particular emphasis on its reactive aspects, and is illustrated by implementing a use-case from the above mentioned deliverable.



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