Sebastian Schaffert, François Bry, Tim Furche:
Sebastian Schaffert (editor):
Simulation Unification.

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In: (I4-D5)

Simulation unification is a novel kind of (non-standard) unification that allows to treat the particularities of Xcerpt terms properly and is based on the notions of ground query term simulation and answers (cf. Section 3). It has first been proposed in [BS02] and is further refined here. Simulation Unification is an algorithm that, given two terms t1 and t2, determines variable substitutions such that the ground instances of t1 and t2 simulate. Like standard unification (cf. [Rob65]), simulation unification is symmetric in the sense that it can determine (partial) bindings for variables in both terms. Unlike standard unification, it is however asymmetric in the sense that it does not make the two terms equal, but instead ensures a ground query term simulation, which is directed and asymmetric. The outcome of Simulation Unification is a set of substitutions called simulation unifier.



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