Uwe Assmann, Jakob Henriksson, Ilie Savga:
Jakob Henriksson (editor):
Prototype component models and composition technology to olset for integration of logic-programming-like REWERSE languages.

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In: (I3-D5)

Any software composition system requires, among other things, a component model, which describes how components look and how they can be interfaced with each other. Previously, the component models for languages have been hand-written. We demonstrate a prototype tool for automatic derivation of a component model for any language given the description of the language as a meta-model in the Web Ontology Language OWL. The Semantic Web endeavor has given rise to new declarative languages which will require composition and reuse in the same way as in the traditional software engineering community. Thus we focus on deriving component models for declarative languages that are of importance for the Semantic Web such as OWL and the XML query language Xcerpt. We demonstrate how component models are generated for these languages using our prototype.



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