Norbert E. Fuchs:
Norbert E. Fuchs (editor):
Verbalising Formal Languages in Attempto Controlled English I.

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In: (I2-D5)

The Attempto Parsing Engine (APE) translates a text in Attempto Controlled English (ACE) into a discourse representation structure (DRS). In this report we describe how this translation can be reversed, i.e. a DRS is translated back verbalised into a subset of ACE called Core ACE. The verbalisation of DRSs is used for two purposes. First, the DRS that APE generates from an ACE text is verbalised in Core ACE, providing a paraphrase of the original ACE text as feedback for the user. Second, we outline how to verbalise first-order logic expressions in Core ACE using the DRS as interlingua.



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