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Semantic Web Days: European Discussion Forum for Business and Research

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Published on openPR  09-23-2005 05:52 pm - CEST

Event Note
Semantic Web technologies gain more and more interest in the area of Information technologies. At present, one of the biggest challenges is to integrate texts and pictures available on the Web into a structured semantic context.
Simplified it can be said that in a Semantic Web contents are augmented with annotations which describe the meaning of the different data fields and thus make the data fields machine-understandable. This allows the use of intelligent search engines and automated processing of even complex transactions.
The EU Network of Excellence REWERSE (REasoning on the WEb with Rules and SEmantics) faces this challenge and aims at providing the Web with a set of interoperable rule languages. In particular the fields of Business Rules for e-commerce, e-contracting, access authentication, conflict resolution, and user profile management – to name only a few – are influenced by these rules in a sustained manner and thus they can meet the requirements of the new Web generation in a better way.
In order to present results and efforts and to create a forum for companies and research institutions, REWERSE, in cooperation with the EU Network of Excellence Knowledge Web, will hold the Semantic Web Days on October 6 and 7, 2005 in Munich (
The aim of this two-day event is to present the latest Semantic Web technologies which are very promising or even already in use. The Semantic Web Days will furthermore offer a forum of exchange for innovative companies and research institutions focussing on Semantic Web technologies.
Workshops and keynotes addressing the latest trends in the field of Semantic Web technologies give participants the opportunity to bring themselves up-to-date with important IT developments. The exhibition area offers companies as well as researchers the chance to present their ideas and results. The 2-day event offers a special highlight with the concluding panel discussion on "Earning Money with Semantic Web technologies - examples of best practice and outlook for promising projects of the future”. Representatives from Oracle, W3C, Gartner Group and Audi AG will debate about the ROI of semantic technologies as there are still no agreements on important questions such as "which investments are rentable?" or "which business models are possible on the basis of semantic technologies?".
Questions like these are now increasingly coming up everywhere. They are not only a sign of healthy scepticism but also an indication that semantic systems are getting into the focus of business interests.

Further information:
Andrea Kulas
Technology Transfer REWERSE
webXcerpt Software GmbH
Aurbacherstr. 2
81541 München
Tel.: +49 (89) 54 80 88 48


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