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REWERSE Participant Turin

Participant Name

Università degli Studi di Torino

Participant Representative

Dr. Alberto Martelli
email: m r t {at} di. unito. it
phone: +39 011 6706731
fax: +39 011 751603

Participant Web Page

Current Interests in REWERSE

This presents the activities and the people of the "Turin" unit. The "Turin" unit is organized in two sub-unit:

  • Intelligent user interfaces (IUI): user modelling, personalization of information and services, composition of services, tourist application domain;
  • Logic programming and automated reasoning (LPAR): adaptation, reasoning, personalization of service fruition, reasoning about conversations and protocols, elearning application domain, web services.

Other Members

Matteo Baldoni
Cristina Baroglio
Anna Goy, associated
Diego Magro, associated
Viviana Patti, associated

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