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REWERSE Participant Lisbon

Participant Name

Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Departamento de Informática

Participant Representative

Prof. Luís Moniz Pereira
phone:  +351 21 294 8536
fax:        +351 21 294 8541

Participant Web Page

Current Interests in REWERSE

The Lisbon Group research interests, concerning the REWERSE project, include unifying the markup and the development tools of Web reasoning languages, thus exploring and defining syntaxes of languages suitable for Web-Reasoning under Working Group I1.

Our Lisbon Group also contributes to research on the interoperability of Web software through composition and typing collaborating in WG I3.

On WG I5 our Lisbon Group contributes to the specification of the updates of data - specifying knowledge Evolution and Reactivity principles - in Web information systems.

This WG I5 is coordinated by Prof. José Júlio Alferes - a Lisbon Group member.

Also, working on WG A2 we collaborate in a particularly active and creative application field of the Web - the Bioinformatics Semantic Web.

Personalized Information Systems, the topic of WG A3, is also among the interests of our research group.

Finally, we also collaborate on WG ET, which focuses on University Education and Training, aiming at spreading excellence throughout the European region and outside of it in a way that guarantees a durable effect.

Prof. Luís Moniz Pereira, of our Lisbon Group, is also a member of the WG ET Editors Group.

Other Members

José Júlio Alferes,Professor
Pedro Barahona, Professor
Carlos Damásio, Professor
João Alcântara, Doctoral Student
Ludwig Krippahl, Senior Scientist
Alexandre Pinto, Doctoral Student
Ricardo Amador , Assistant of WG I5

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