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Kristian Sandahl

Member of REWERSE participant


Involvement in REWERSE packages

I3-D8: Feedback report on requirements from other working groups
I3-D14: Refined report on applications of composition and typing technology

Former and current employments

1983-1986 Research and teaching assistant, Linköping University
1986-1987 Consultant at Epitec AB
1987-1990 Graduate student, same university
1990-1992 Research engineer, same university
1992-1993 Research associate, same university
1993-1995 Assistant professor, same university
1995-2001 Specialist (systems engineering), Ericsson Radio Systems AB
Fall 2000 Acting section manager, Ericsson Radio Systems AB
1999-2001 Consulting professor, 20% (industrial system development), same university
2001-present Professor (software engineering), same university

Current professional interests

Requirements Engineering
Software Process Improvement
Semantic Web
Software Metrics
Knowledge Management
Empirical Research Methods

Former professional interests

System Visualisation
Knowledge Engineering
Expert Systems
Medical Informatics

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