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François Bry

Member of REWERSE participant


Involvement in REWERSE packages

I3, I4 (working group co-ordinator), I5, A1, ET, PRA (network co-ordinator)

Former and current employments

since 1994: full professor Unit Programming and Modeling Languages, Institute for Informatics, University of Munich.
1985-1993: first researcher, later project leader at ECRC (European Computer-Industry Research Centre), Munich .
1983-1984: research at IRT (now INRETS), Paris.
1981-1982: software engineer at Transac-Alcatel (now Alcatel), Paris.

Professional interests

Current focus: Methods and languages for reasoning on the Web, Query languages for XML and semistructured data (rule-based approaches, streamed evaluation, type systems), Applications of XML (especially Molecular Biology databases, eBooks, adaptive Web), Indexing methods for XML and semistructured data.

More generally, both theoretical and practical aspects of: Knowledge Representation (XML, Semistructured Data, Common Sense Reasoning), Automated Theorem Proving and Logic Programming (Rule-based Systems, Tableau Methods), Database Systems (Query Languages, Integrity Constraints, Data Modelling).

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