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Executive Committee

About the executive committee

The executive committee consisting of 8 Steering Committee members is appointed by the Consortium Board (in a simple majority vote) on a proposal of the Network Co-Ordinator. The executive committee is headed by the network co-ordinator or another member of the executive committee appointed by the Network Co-ordinator. The executive committee is responsible for

  • the realization of the network activities according to the work plans,
  • the timely delivery of the requested reports to the EU Commission,
  • short term strategic issues in conformance to the medium and long term strategic decisions made by the steering committee,
  • proposes the appointment of WG and activity co-ordinators and deputy co-ordinators to the Consortium Board,
  • for the assignment of (financial and other) resources according to the respective work plans to WG, other network activities (such as work with standardisation bodies, education and training, scientific conferences, industry awareness events), and to participants,
  • solve disputes between participants as soon as possible so as to maintain an excellent flow of knowledge and research results within the network,
  • take action to protect the intellectual property rights (IPR) according to the consortium agreement.

The executive committee reports to the steering committee and to the advisory committee. The executive committee comes together in a face-to-face or telephone conference at least every trimester, in a face-to-face conference at least once a year. Executive committee (face-to-face or telephone) conferences are called by the head of the executive committee.

Executive comittee members

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